A new challenge

Digital treatment planning is becoming increasingly important for orthodontic treatments. Orthodontists using treatment planning software often report that while they know exactly what they want to plan clinically, the technical implementation turns out less than ideal.

The Association for Treatment Planning in Aligner Orthodontics aims to establish an active interdisciplinary collaboration between orthodontists and dental technicians with the goal to increase efficiency and quality of digitally planned treatments for any clear aligner system. We achieve this through congresses, publications and educational events aimed to increase practical knowledge around digital treatment planning.

The first TPAO congress in 2019 was a tremendous success, proving that this new, interdisciplinary approach meets the needs arising from digital treatment planning. We decided to take it a step further and establish the Association for Treatment Planning in Aligner Orthodontists.


Become a Member

We are currently actively looking for members associated with the area of digital treatment planning for any clear aligner system; this includes orthodontists and postgraduate orthodontic students as well as dental technicians. Whether you would like to join us to actively form and further the causes and structure of the Association or would just like to be kept informed on the latest developments around digital treatment planning as well as TPAO events and publications, send us your application to office@tpao-congress.com. Please state your details (name, profession, address) and whether you’d be interested in playing an active role within TPAO or would just like to become a regular member.

Since this is a newly founded association, we currently to do not ask for membership fees.

In our first annual general meeting, we will discuss and vote on membership terms and will take votes for board members. Take advantage of this opportunity to actively shape the future of digital treatment planning!


Yours sincerely,


Matthias Peper 
Acting Director of Association for TPAO 
Organizer of TPAO Congress 2021 
Founder of inviSolution