World’s first interdisciplinary congress for digital treatment planning

TPAO – Treatment Planning in Aligner Orthodontics

The TPAO Congress that took place on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2019 in Cologne offered an entirely new educational concept for aligner orthodontics and is unparalleled in its interdisciplinarity.

Matthias Peper, founder of digital orthodontic treatment planning service inviSolution Ltd that has worked on over 25,000 ClinCheck® cases to date, has clearly recognized that digital treatment planning imposes a new set of requirements on orthodontists. He initiated the TPAO Congress to meet these requirements: „To plan treatments digitally, we have to understand the software and the technical background for the results to be clinically feasible. The road to success is orthodontic knowledge combined with technical understanding. “

200 orthodontists from 18 countries agreed with the concept: „The technical information and the clinical tips and tricks are extremely helpful. A truly valuably event. “

International, interdisciplinary, interactive

Experienced Invisalign® providers presented their cases and described in detail challenges and pitfalls, while Mr Peper checked each presented treatment step for its applicability in the system and explained the underlying software parameters. He also described how these parameters work and how the desired movements can be optimally planned for each individual patient.

The lectures ranged from intelligent automated algorithms of the software to artificial intelligence to technical know-how. Staging protocols, movement management, application of the different optimized and conventional attachments, the latest software tools, challenges in biomechanics, programming of sequential movements like distalization, mesialization, intrusion, and anchorage management were presented, thoroughly checked for technical and clinical feasibility and illustrated with case studies.

Participants were given a detailed handout containing all the technical information as well as a step-by-step guide providing a systematic approach to digital treatment planning. One of the orthodontists commented: „The handout is neatly structured and is going to be very helpful for working on ClinChecks® in my practice. “

inviSolution’s ClinCheck® experts made themselves available to participants to individually go over their digital treatment plans and provided an excellent opportunity to put the theoretical information into practice directly.

Providers and technicians on stage together

The structure of the event was such that providers and technicians alternated in lecturing.

Mr Peper began by explaining the basic algorithms, current staging protocols, maximum movement parameters and their underlying logic.

Invisalign® Diamond Provider Dr Jörg Schwarze then presented clinical cases demonstrating the parameters explained by Mr Peper. Precise ClinCheck® reviews can significantly reduce the amount of refinements needed. Illustrating the principles with case studies, Dr Schwarze detailed staging protocols and movement management for better clinical control. Mr Peper then showed how to implement these using the latest software tools.

Dr Dietmar Zuran with over 2500 Invisalign® patients opened the second part of the day with describing the challenges in treatment planning pertaining to biomechanics and automated algorithms. He detailed methods for preventing and resolving anchorage loss issues and proposed an entirely new approach in aligner therapy.

Invisalign® Diamond Provider Dr Boris Sonnenberg presented the perfect setup taking the different staging protocols for distalization movements into consideration. Depending on the diagnostic finding and the individual anchorage situation, different protocols should be applied. Mr Peper in turn demonstrated how easily these different protocols can be implemented technically and how they can best be communicated to Align technicians for the ClinCheck® plan to be finalized as efficiently as possible. Dr Thomas Drechsler spoke about 3D treatment planning based on CMDT and, presenting case studies, illustrated the importance of using all available digital analysis tools while planning treatments.

The TPAO Gala Night took place on the 11th floor of the hotel Wasserturm, offering a breath-taking view over Cologne. Participants were able to exchange thoughts and impressions of the day with their colleagues and the speakers. The atmosphere was delightful, not least thanks to the excellent performance of saxophonist Thomas Englmann and Dr Sonnenberg, who had also brought his saxophone; a perfect evening in a perfect setting.

The second day of the congress began with Matthias Peper presenting artificial intelligence and automated software algorithms responsible for calculating SmartForce features, which subsequently were demonstrated by Invisalign® Platinum Provider Dr Mareike Niederwahrenbrock. She detailed the trigger values and hierarchies that control the automated placement of attachments and SmartForce features and explained when and why the different attachments are placed and how additional anchorage can be ensured. Case studies involving challenges during complex AP corrections with Invisalign® were presented by Dr Andreas Dasy. In these cases, many of the tips and tricks that had been presented in the congress were already implemented, allowing participants to directly see their impact on treatments.  

After lunch, participants had the opportunity to discuss their ClinCheck® cases with technical experts Julia Engel, Kevin Rosenthal and Alexandra Morbach and received valuable tips for the practical implementation of the knowledge they received during the presentations.

Graduate engineer Julia Engel, ClinCheck® specialist with inviSolution: „Hearing the theory of what the software can and cannot do and which aspects need to be considered especially is already very valuable in and of itself, but having the possibility to immediately apply the learnings practically provides a much deeper understanding. Doctors discussed their current cases with us; we helped them with their ClinCheck® plan review and answered any remaining questions. Participants were also able to experience directly how the step-by-step guide presented in the handout optimizes the treatment planning process. “

Redefining education for digital treatment planning

Invisalign® providers presenting their cases is not new. However, technicians as well as providers presenting together, thoroughly examining case studies in an interdisciplinary way, explaining each planning aspect clinically as well as technically creates an entirely new space in which deep and applicable knowledge is transferred and a tangible joy for the possibilities of digital treatment planning arises.

Save the date: The next TPAO Congress is already being planned and scheduled for November 26th-27th 2021.