„Very informative and well-presented congress. The handbook provided is concise and will be very useful going forward with my own ClinChecks®.“
Dr Julia Mangan
Galway, Ireland
„The structure was excellent. I would recommend the congress to anyone who uses Invisalign®.“
Dr Conal Kavanagh
Galway, Ireland
„Highly useful information and clinical tips from experienced speakers. I was very impressed by the lectures and the structure of the event. It was very valuable for me.“
Dr Maria Zaitova
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
„Lots of practical information.“
Dr Konstantinos Paradissis
Damme, Germany
„This course was the best I’ve ever attended on the topic of Invisalign®. Highly qualified and very likeable speaker with extensive experience. Was worth every penny! Thank you very much, inviSolution!“
Dr Kristin Klingler
Uhldingen, Germany
„Thank you very much inviSolution for sharing your extensive knowledge. Your lectures give us the insight to understand the ClinCheck software and treatment planning. The atmosphere during the courses is always so relaxed, and your ability to connect with people in the orthodontic field is amazing!“
Dr Daniela Kafková
Lietavska Lucka, Slovakia
„The advanced training in Cologne was fantastic. Well-structured, lots of valuable information and highly professional!“
Dr Marcus Breier
Cologne, Germany
„Great lessons, personal approach!“
Dr Lotte Meereboer
Amsterdam, Netherlands
„The ClinCheck software was explained in detail and in an understandable way, leading to better Invisalign® treatments for the patients and the providers. Thank you for sharing your know-how!“
Dr Masoud Behyar
Wedel, Germany
„This was the best lecture regarding ClinCheck treatment planning I’ve ever attended. Thank you inviSolution team for sharing your profound knowledge with us!!!“
Dr Silvia Caruso
Rome, Italy
„The first and only course that managed to provide us with a practical and well­ structured manual on how to review ClinCheck® plans. Every Invisalign® provider should attend the training sessions offered by inviSolution.“
Dr & Dr Winterscheidt, Orthodontists
Munich, Germany
„An honest training that clearly illustrates possibilities as well as challenges of aligner treatments. Since the training, my ClinCheck® reviews have been significantly more efficient and my treatments much more successful.“
Dr Marc Schätzle, Orthodontist
Lucerne, Switzerland
„The inviSolution training is the best investment any Invisalign® provider could make. The ClinCheck® reviewing process is now a lot faster and much more precise.“
Dr Christina Jones, Orthodontist
Auersthal, Austria
„By attending inviSolution’s training programmes, I have gained invaluable insights that have helped me develop a new, structured approach. I am now more efficient and precise in planning the ClinChecks®. Thanks to this, my patients can benefit from optimised treatment time and safe clinical implementation.“
Dr Marie-Catherine Klarkowski, Orthodontist
Munich, Germany
„inviSolution offers terrific plan implementation and an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. They represent a huge help for us, especially when it comes to complex and challenging adult treatments.“
Dr. & Dr. Medelnik, Orthodontists
Bamberg, Germany
„Thank you for the amazing Advanced Training you provided us. I can highly recommend this training for anyone offering Invisalign® treatments.“
Dr Marina DePraetere, Orthodontist
Lisbon, Portugal
„As a perfectionist, I appreciate inviSolution`s years of experience which provides me with security in planning and the perfect treatment outcome for my patients.“
Dr Petra Greiner, Orthodontist
Saarbrücken, Germany