Dr Andrea Bazzucchi

Dr Andrea Bazzucchi

Dr Andrea Bazzucchi


Interdisciplinary treatment planning with Aligners

Adult patients always need an interdisciplinary approach in order to recover aesthetic function and structure lost over time but respecting biology as much as possible. Misaligned teeth, asymmetrical and asynchronous wear and loss of teeth can occurs in the adult patient, creating a system that cannot be improved only with orthodontics.

Today, new digital workflow created with Clearcorrect software allows us to improve the diagnosis and planning of the interdisciplinary team and to help patients understand the therapeutic path in a visual and clear way.

Digital orthodontic set up, digital mockup, and Codiagnostix implant planning programs can cooperate together and interact always better.

At the beginning of each therapeutic project, these software can be used to define in every detail the involvement of the various specialists within the interdisciplinary team and to program ideal therapeutic plans for the patient.


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