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Dr Matteo Reverdito


Treatment Planning for Accelerated Aligner Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatments can be highly complex depending on many factors including degree of malocclusion and the challenges of applying the correct biomechanics.  Poorly organized team workflow can make the work of the orthodontist more difficult and consequently the resolution of a case more complex.  Lack of treatment monitoring could lead to further complications.  On top of that, patient compliance is critical – the best planned treatments can fail if the patient is not compliant in Aligner wear and elastic use.  Reduced biological reactivity could delay the achievement of the set objectives.


Fortunately, today tools exist that can help doctors manage non-compliance better and improve biological response to help achieve better outcomes.  This means that there are several aspects on which we can act to optimize our efforts and make each case more predictable and the treatment more efficient. Over the years we have brought together the different processes that improve efficiency within one method, which is called “Integrated Digital Orthodontics”. During this presentation I will share one of the pillars of this method, photobiomodulation, which makes it possible to improve the predictability of movements, increase patient compliance and consequently shorten and make treatments more pleasant.


Stimulation via photobiomodulation is a technique that uses a light source in the infrared range to obtain a cellular biochemical response and a consequent acceleration of orthodontic movements and reduction of pain.


Photobiomodulation brings three main benefits:

1- accelerates tooth movement and improves predictability

2- reduces orthodontic pain / pressure

3- improves patient compliance by both reducing discomfort and improving monitoring via the control App.


This biochemical stimulus can make a treatment already diagnosed, planned, and conducted in the best way even more efficient and pleasant.

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