Dr Claudia Pinter

Dr Claudia Pinter


Are aligners the best solution for esthetic challenges?

In world that is successively driven by artificial intelligence it is important as never before, to focus on our unique human endowments such as creativity and innovation to prevail at an ever-competing market. By applying simple esthetic principles into our aligner treatment planning, we seize our role as the creator of beauty in a smile. This innovative approach to digital orthodontics will not only let our efforts stand apart from the work of simple algorithms but also create value in the lives of our patients as they are filled with self-esteem.

Bullet points:

  • Esthetic driven Aligner Treatment Planning –
  • Smile Arc
  • Software tools for esthetic planning
  • Incisor Display
  • Pre-restorative orthodontic treatment
  • Solutions for peg shaped laterals
  • Solutions for worn dentition
  • Maximizing patient satisfaction

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