Dr Pedro Costa Monteiro

Dr Pedro Costa Monteiro


Surgical cases and Invisalign

Pre- and post-surgical fixed orthodontic appliances are the customary and standard practice for patients that are treatment planned for undergoing orthognathic surgery.

Most of the patients have concerns is often the aesthetic appearance of fixed appliances and the time required to wear these appliances pre- and post-surgically.

Today,  clear aligners have gained immense popularity due to their esthetic appeal over traditional braces. Additional benefits of clear aligners include improved oral hygiene leading to a decreased risk of gingivitis. While clear aligner systems are commonly used in the nonsurgical orthodontic population, there has been limited use of Invisalign in the orthognathic surgery population. In this lecture we present a case series of patients who successfully underwent orthognathic surgery with the use of Invisalign clear aligners for pre- and post-surgical orthodontics.

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