Dr Susana Palma

Dr Susana Palma


Management of the occlusal plane and its importance for the stomatognatic system

The occlusal plane is the most important reference of the masticatory organ and the mandible will be functionally adapted to it. It is the key for the development of the stomatognathic system in a steady and balanced way. A bad oriented occlusal plane, with a bigger or smaller angle with Frankfurt that should be around 12 y 15º, during mastication, the mandible will need to move vertically and horizontally in an exaggerated way, creating premature contacts. In those cases, the TMJ will need to do much more effort and we could suffer of TMJ problems in the future. The Orthodontics biomechanics can create changes in the occlusal plane inclination, that will have influence in the children growth, in the aesthetic of the smile, in the menton projection, in the profile and in the masticatory efficiency. We will look at cases of canting of the occlusal plane and how to solve it with aligners and microscrews and we will show cases with clockwise and anticlock wise rotation of the occlusal plane and the biomechanics that we use to provide a balance occlusal plane at the end of the treatment to improve the masticatory efficiency. Key words: canting, aligners, occlusal plane, microscrews.

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