Dr Udo Windsheimer

Dr Udo Windsheimer


The new standard of monitoring treatment planning

This abstract showcases complex orthodontic aligner cases involving frontal crossbite, functional issues, and pre-prosthetic spacing for a front tooth. The treatments initially faced unpredictability, necessitating refinements. The planning was optimized through Artificial Intelligence with Dental Monitoring.

Aligners have transformed orthodontics but complex cases demand meticulous planning. This lecture emphasizes the importance of continuous monitoring and AI-driven adaptability.

Artificial Intelligence augments predictability and tooth movements that do not take place by analyzing data and suggesting refinements. Integration with Dental Monitoring provides real-time insights for informed decision-making.

Our experience highlights how AI and Dental Monitoring set the new standard in orthodontic treatment planning. Customized, effective treatments result in improved clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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